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Background: Oracle/SCO Unix administrator, software security manager in the past. Developer, software consultant and Oracle DBMS troubleshooter presently. Hobby in this area: analysing behavior near point of saturation. Specialization: SQL, PL/SQL and JDBC performance tuning.


I’m posting here my thoughts and knowledge about tricky or poorly documented Oracle and Oracle related issues. I have great collection of tests that I intend to organize when time permits and upload along with a relevant message. Some random thoughts might appear from time to time in Rants category. You could safely ignore them, they are nothing to worry about.

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I want to thank all people who provided material for the analysis and testing . Folks who’s books, presentations, comprehensive comments and scripts helped to find good answer to multiple problems, fellow DBAs. Personal thanks to:

Julian Dyke
Jonathan Lewis
Tom Kyte
Wolfgang Breitling
Anjo Kolk
Ric Van Dyke
Cary Millsap


Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions, by Tom Kyte
Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals, by Jonathan Lewis
Effective Oracle by Design (Osborne ORACLE Press Series), by Tom Kyte
Optimizing Oracle Performance, by Cary Millsap and Jeffrey Holt

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